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The Use Of DNA Testing In Immigration Applications

Immigration DNA test is performed to establish maternity, paternity, or kinship relations so that the biological relationship of the beneficiary can be accurately determined with the person sponsoring the visa (petitioner) to obtain permanent residency in the U.S. United States immigration generally asks for immigration DNA test reports to verify passports, grant citizenship besides providing immigration clearance.

DNA testing is required for immigration purposes only when the petitioner has no other credible document of their relationship with the sponsor. The document proofs include academic records, photographs, birth certificates, etc.

Only AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) authorized DNA laboratory test results are legally accepted by immigration authorities, like the U.S. Embassy and USCIS (the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) embassies abroad, in case of a family-oriented immigration petition.

As per the current guidelines of the U.S. Department of State guidelines, you are occasionally given the option to provide a legal DNA test report for the following immigration purposes:

  • Immigrant Visa Applications
  • Consular Report of Births Abroad
  • Permanent Citizenship 

Applications of DNA Testing in Immigration

Suppose you are applying for an immigrant visa in an immigration office. In that case, they will give you the option to provide a DNA paternity test report when you are unable to provide any of the other documents requested. Additionally, documented proof of an immediate family member or a relative, who is lawfully a permanent citizen of the U.S, is a must to get an immigration visa.

To obtain lawfully permanent citizenship in the U.S., the immigrant beneficiary must get a visa sponsored by a relative (petitioner) who is already a permanent U.S. citizen. On taking this option, the immigrant will be given the option to submit the DNA test report to prove their relationship status with the sponsor when there are no other options available to confirm the relationship with the beneficiary. Once it is verified, the immigrant will be granted U.S. citizenship.

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