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Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing

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Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) DNA Testing

If the alleged father is unavailable for a paternity testing, in this case, testing the suspected father’s brothers or sisters can establish the paternity of the niece or nephew. This type of testing is called an Avuncular DNA Test. Including the mother in this test is strongly recommended, although not required, as it strengthens the genetic evidence. Generally, this test will not give results as strong as a grandparentage test, but it is still a good option if the only available people are the alleged father’s siblings.

Situations in which avuncular DNA test proves beneficial:

  • To establish the truth about a biological relationship
  • To know medical history for diagnosis of a specific health situation.
  • To get social security benefits.
  • To provide proof for inheritance claims
  • To present evidence for insurance claims.

Like any other paternity test, the Avuncular DNA test also provides both personal and legal testing options.

Legal Avuncular DNA TestLegal results are court admissible as legal proof of biological relationship. We coordinate DNA sample collection at an approved location near you. The professional at the DNA sample collection facility compiles identification details of all concerned parties, completes necessary paperwork for the test, and sends the package to us for testing purposes.

Personal Avuncular DNA TestIf you need testing just for peace of mind, we advise you to choose a personal avuncular DNA test. Accurate DNA testing option of at-home DNA collection for personal testing. You can easily and painlessly collect the DNA sample by rubbing the mouth swab on the inside of your cheek. After collecting the sample, you can send it in a pre-paid envelope pre-addressed to us. We will post results within 5-10 business days. Please keep in mind that results are not court admissible. Therefore, if you think you may need test results for legal purposes in the future, we advise you to take a legal test in the first place to save your time and money.

Testing Throughout the United States (U.S.): If one party is located in a different city or state, we can setup testing at a partner laboratory site throughout the U.S.

We are the more trusted avuncular DNA test labs in California and nationwide.

We offer personal and legal avuncular DNA testing facilities to our customers throughout California and nationwide. With our advanced and best avuncular DNA testing solutions, we cater to the DNA testing needs of people of Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fresno, Irvine, Long Beach, Modesto, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, Stockton, Tracy, Vallejo and other major cities of California. We are committed to providing you paternity answers with utmost precision and privacy. Accurate DNA testing follows strict privacy protocols to ensure that your DNA information is never shared or sold to the third party.


The avuncular DNA test can establish a definite proof of the relationship between the child and uncle/aunt with up to a 99.99% accuracy or 100% exclusion, particularly if the mother is also tested. The conclusive range for the test ranges is <10% exclusion or >90% inclusion. With our detailed and advanced DNA testing, Accurate DNA testing provides definitive results for the avuncular DNA test up to 98% probability of relationship.

On average, the aunt/uncle usually shares 25% of their DNA with their nephew/ niece. (This value may vary by specific relationship)

No, we need a full sibling of the alleged father to produce conclusive results for this test.

First, or the second cousins can’t participate in the avuncular DNA test in place of aunt/ uncle because the percentage of DNA shared by such relatives with the child is meager. Hence, conclusive results can’t be obtained to establish the relationship. If the alleged father is missing or unavailable, then his parents, legally known child, or full siblings can participate in the test to determine the paternity. We recommend that the mother of the child should also participate in DNA testing as it strengthens the conclusiveness of the test results.

After the DNA sample collection, it usually takes 5-6 business days to get the test results.

An avuncular DNA test cost depends on your unique situation and requirement. Our paternity experts are always ready to guide you to choose the right test within your budget.
This depends on your situation and purpose. If it is just for curiosity or peace of mind, then we suggest personal DNA testing in such cases. However, if you need to submit paternity testing results in court or use it as a legal document, then we recommend legal DNA testing.

We promise to offer:

  • 100% confidentiality.
  • Accurate test results.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Easy and painless DNA collection
  • Full customer support.
  • No hidden charges
  • Labs throughout the U.S.
Our avuncular DNA testing is available nationwide in all 50 states of the U.S. We are the most recommended DNA testing service provider in California covering all major cities such as Oakland, San Francisco, Fairfield, Inglewood, Modesto, Riverside, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Concord, Stockton, Vallejo, etc.

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