Background Checks

Applicants experience

our easy-to-use technology and online search tools enable access to data with a wide range of search solutions to meet your needs. At Accurate, our goal is to help you create a positive candidate experience, which starts with making the right first impression with candidates.

  • Accurate provides anytime, anywhere mobile experience
  • SMS Notifications to track process and status updates

Data Quality and Accuracy

We deliver accurate records by combining the best coverage with data standard, ensuring our users receive the most accurate data.

Breadth of Screening Services 

We offer comprehensive solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries including technology, hospitality, healthcare, religious, non-profit and more. 

Criminal Background Checks, Drug & Health Screening, Education and Employment Verifications, i-9 & E-verify identity checks, Extended Workforce Screening, Social Media Checks, Fingerprinting, Candidate Experience, Executive Intelligence, Global Internatonal Screening, Driving History Records, Credit Reports

Industry-Specific Solutions

Staffing & Recruiting, Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Reatil Volunteers, Hospitality, Financial Services, Non-profit, Small Business, Sales Manufacturing, Tenant Screening, Construction / Maintenance

Reliable Experts

Background checks and verifications are only as good as the process and people performing them. Our customer service staff are drug tested, background checked and FCRA certified so you know you will receive service that meets industry standard best practices. In line with FCRA reporting, Accurate will always comply with FCRA, global and best practices by reporting only records of convictions and not reporting:

  • Bankruptcies older than 10 years
  • Arrest records
  • Older convictions such as paid tax liens, collection accounts, civil suits and judgements (per state-specific law)
  • Dismissed, deferred adjudication and discharged cases.

Privacy & Technology

Our sophisticated search algorithm, intelligent search along with or powerful technology provides superior search results. Accurate has a security policy, information security procedures and training, access control policies and risk mitigation strategies to ensure business continuity. Our secure on-line 24/7 system provides background checks and verifications are compliant with  national, provincial and local laws and regulations. It provides:

  • An integrated and comprehensive platform
  • Robust APIs support and data access
  • Multi-layered analytics for extensive insight

Fast, Efficient and Easy

Our commitment to accurate and detailed results are not compromised by our best class fastest turn-around times. Our background checks beat industry standards.

  • Process automation with built-in quality control measures
  • 95% Screens delivered within 24 hours
  • 90% of verifications in less than 3 days

Global Reach

We assist you with hiring qualified candidates from anywhere worldwide with our global background check solution.

  • Global coverage delivered locally
  • Local personnel with multilingual support
  • Global compliance combined with personal local experience
  • Screening tailored to reflect local regulations and culture

ATS Integrations and APIs

We work with a wide range of integration partners to provide the highest flexibility and security.

We integrate with the industry leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), as noted below, to provide you and your candidates with a seamless user experience. We can easily add integration partners when required.

  • Order COVID-19 Test Kits and PPE
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Background Checks
  • Medical Supplies
  • Government Services
  • Supervisor & Employee Training
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
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