COVID-19 Business Continuity Services

COVID-19 Services

Temperature Testing

  • Nationwide job site temperature testing
  • Non-Contact Infrared thermometers
  •  Personnel to conduct testing nationwide

COVID-19 Testing

  • FDA emergency use authorized test kits
  • Qualified Testing Personnel Available

COVID-19 Shelter for Your Business

  • Seamless screening and access control in a comfortable, safe environment
  • Shield your employees, clients, and patrons from the elements with our SHELTER solutions.
  • Mobile and remote medical facilities available

Covid-19 Temperature Testing & ID Validation

  • Consent based admission temperature screening option
  • Screening questions option
  • Validates against employee ID database.
  • Digital audit trail option

Non-Contact Temperature Testing

  • Employee, Visitor, and Patron Testing
  • Trained Medical and Professional Testing Personnel Provided
  • Non-contact Infrared Thermometers Supplied
  • On-site Medical Escalation and Support as Required

COVID-19 Test Kits and Testing Available

FDA Authorized Emergency Use Approved

Mobile Testing units in the Bay Area available now!

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